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Why Advisory Services?

CPAs for Hire advises businesses in a variety of ways... below are examples of how we help businesses reach their full potential:

Process/Workflow Improvement

Let us assess your critical processes and workflow for efficiencies, deficiencies, and overall controls effectiveness... we have the ability to offer practical, sustainable solutions for improved controls and workflow 

Cash/Debt Management

Ever wonder if your available cash today will cover your expenses next week or next month... CPAs for Hire will develop a weekly and monthly cash projection program for you and your team to follow that will alert you ahead of time if additional funding or borrowing is necessary to keep your business flowing

Expense Reduction

Do you feel your business is overpaying for certain products or services... CPAs for Hire will look over your history of spending and determine where there are opportunities for improvement


Forecasting revenue and budgeting expenses for upcoming months and years is a great fiscal habit to get into... it not only sets a plan in place for you and your team to follow, but the process itself gets the creative juices flowing and great, impactful ideas are generally the result

Management Reporting

Sometimes the basic financial statements (balance sheet, income statement and statement of cash flows) aren't enough to help owners and management make certain operational decisions... CPAs for Hire can help design customized management reports useful for any purpose

Succession Planning

Developing and implementing a well-designed succession plan is essential to the survival of a family business from one generation to the next

Acquisitions/Due Diligence

If you are acquiring a business and need some assurance on financial information being provided, let us identify and verify certain components important not only in the decision to acquire, but the basis in determining the purchase price

Aged Receivables Management

If your business has an issue with its past due balances, CPAs for Hire can help... we will look over your current situation and develop an improved plan to not only collect the aged accounts, but put processes in place to reduce the liklihood of it happening going forward

Complex Reconciliations

A prime example where many companies fall behind is intercompany transactions... if you have intercompany transactions and your intercompany balances do not tie company to company, we help you get these balances reconciled as well as develop a plan to keep them reconciled on a monthly basis

Audit Liaison

In addition to being the primary liaison for communication and documentation, we have the expertise to properly prepare you for a financial statement audit or an IRS audit... do not expose yourself to addtional scrutiny by dealing with them directly!

Banking Set-Up/Services

No only can we help you design a bank account structure that enhances accounting process and workflow, we can also review the services in place and suggest changes to maximize security while minimizing costs

Accounting Policies/Procedures

Let us explain to you why it is absolutely critical to the success of your business to have well documented accounting policies and procedures that are reviewed and updated regularly

Expense Policies/Procedures

If you feel your employee spending is excessive and have either an outdated policy that allows it, or no policy at all, let CPAs for Hire customize a win-win solution

Accounting Training

It's a well known fact that employees that are confident in what they are doing are happier and more productive... CPAs for Hire professionals are always available by phone or in person to train your star employees to reach their full potential!

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