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Part-time CFO Services

Part-Time CFO

In today’s business environment, businesses face an increasing number of competitive challenges and regulatory demands that can affect cash flow and profitability, as well as create stress to owners when dealing with such issues.

There comes a point in the life cycle of a growing business where owners realize too much of their time is spent focusing on these issues and too little time is spent focusing on business development and other core business matters.

​If you have reached this point in your business, consider retaining an affordable, part-time CFO from CFOs for Hire. We will take this burden from you so you can refocus your efforts to what you know and do best… operating and growing your business!​

CFOs for Hire is dedicated to providing high quality, tailored CFO Services to growing businesses that need the retained help of an accounting and finance professional on a part-time basis. CFO Services is affordable and will generally pay for itself or more in net savings, as a primary focus will be on savings strategies and avoidance of costly compliance penalties and interest.

What you will get with tailored CFO Services:

  • More time to focus on business development and other core business matters
  • All the benefits of a high quality CFO, with the level and scope of services scaled to your needs
  • Less stress and peace of mind knowing the accounting, finance and risk management functions of your business are being managed by an accounting and finance professional with a quality network of banks, insurance advisors, and preferred vendors as needs arise​
  • A​ trusted advisor with proactive, insightful back office solutions that solve problems to reduce expenses and improve cash flow and profitability
  • A​ process expert that will identify opportunities and vulnerabilities, with the ability to offer practical, sustainable solutions for improved controls and workflow
  • Liaison for all banking and insurance relationships, corporate programs, preferred vendor programs, and audit/tax engagements, with the ability to negotiate the lowest fees and rates
  • Cash and debt management to optimize cash flow
  • Customized reporting and analysis that are useful in making decisions
  • Billings/collections management to minimize collection issues and write offs
  • Accounts payable and payroll management to maximize payment term discounts and minimize late payment penalties